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Niki Karimi is an acclaimed and well known Actress in Iran. She was known as first superstar of Iran. She was born in Tehran, Iran in 1971. Niki Karimi started acting in Theatrical groups in elementary school. At school she became interested in theater and writing and started her career by directing plays in school. In 1989, Karimi started acting in cinema and won many national and International awards. She started acting in cinema with “The Temptation” by Jamshid Haidari. After that she appeared in “The bride” directed by Behrooz Afkhami in 1990, “Sara” by Darioush Mehrjouii in 1991. For “Sara” an adaptation of Henrik Ebsen’s “The doll’s house”, she won silver shell for the best actress from “San Sebastian Film Festival” and the best Actress award from “Nantes Film Festival”. Then in the same year she went to USA to study designing. She came back for acting in “Pari” by Darioush Mehrjouii n 1992. Pari, an adaptation of Salinger’s ” Frani and Zooey ” was a big success and it brought her the third Fajr Film Festival nomination for the Best Actress and she won many critics award for Pari. In 1998 she appeared in two woman by Tahmineh Milani, for whom she won” Taormina Film Festival award” and the fifth time Fajr Film Festival nomination. After that she acted in ” The hidden half “by “Tahmineh Milani”. She won The Best Actress Award from “Cairo film Festival” for this film in 2001. In 2001, karimi made a documentary ” To have or not have ” which focused on couples who are suffering from infertility and also couples who decide not having a child from beginning . In 2002 she appeared in “The one flew over cuckoo’s nest” by Ahmadreza Motamedi and “The fifth reaction” which she won Award for the Best actress from Fajr Film Festival for both of them. In 2004 she made her first feature film “One night ” which was in official Competition selection of “Cannes film festival ” in uncertain Regard Section .One night Selected for more than 58 festival around the world. In 2006 , She made her Second feature ” A few days later …”. Karimi made her second feature film, Chand rooze baad ( A few days later ), in 2007 which opened in Rome film festival.


Main Award og Mannheim film Festival for Best Film to Final Whistle 2012 By : Niki Karimi.
Award of Muse of Musee Guimet , Paris to Final whistle by 2011 Niki Karimi.
Award of Jury INALCO to Final whistle by : Niki Karimi 2011.
Vesoul film festival Award for best film for Final whistle directed by : 2011 Niki Karimi.
Fajr film Festival Award for Best Actress for “One flew over cuckoo’s nest” 2002.
Fajr film festival Award for Best Actress for “Fifth reaction” 2002.
Cairo film festival Award for Best Actress for “Hidden Half” 2001.
Best Actress in ” House of cinema ” In Iran for two women in 1999.
Taormina film festival Award for Best Actress for “Two women” 1999.
San Sebastian film festival Award for Best Actress for “Sara” 1995.
Nantes film festival Award for Best Actress for “Sara” 1995.


Being Member of Juries in International Film Festivals
Prague film festival Czech republic 2013.
Abu dhabi film festiva Emirates 2012.
Antalia film festival Turkey 2011.
Dubai Film Festival Emirates 2008.
Karlo veyvary film festival Czech republic 2009.
Goa film festival India 2008.
Vesoul film festival France 2008.
Cannes film festival France 2007.
Berlin film festival Germany 2007.
Osian film festival India 2006.
Reykjavik Iceland 2006.
Izmir film festival Turkey 2006.
Locarno film festival Swiss 2005.
Damascus Syria 2004.
Rennes France 2003.
Middle East Lebanon 2003.
Thessaloniki film festival Greece 2002.


Niki Karimi’s Family is living in England. She has got a sister Nazanin  , who is a lawyer and a brother Khashayar , who is studding psychology.




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