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UntitledFajr Music Festival kicked off with women ensembles


Fajr International Music Festival is Iran’s most prestigious Music Festival founded in 1986, several years after the formation of the film and theatre festivals in the artistic sphere of Iran. On Wednesday, two ‘women only’ performances will go on stage including Bahar Ensemble led by Hengameh Akhavan and Hamnavazan Ensemble led by Najmeh Tajaddod. On Thursday, MehrNava Ensembel led by Nazli Bakhshayesh and Arezu Aliyeva from Azerbaijan will perform music at Vahdat Hall. In addition to various Iranian ensembles, as well as Tehran Symphony Orchestra conducted by Ali Rahbari on Wednesday, a number of foreign musicians from Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Armenia, India, Portugal, etc. are also taking part in the festival. Camané, a forerunner of the new generation of fado male singers from Portugal, will perform on February 15.






He started gaining recognition in Portugal in 1979 after winning the ‘Grande Noite do Fado’ (Great Fado Night). Aldo Romano a jazz drummer from France will perform on 18 February In 2004 he won the Jazzpar Prize. The 31st Fajr Music festival will be held from February 10, 2016 to February 20, 2016 in the company of Great Iranian Musicians and ensembles as well as many celebrated artists from all around the word, all gathering in a vivid atmosphere of melodies and songs in order to astound the music-lovers and to spread the aroma and sound of music in Tehran.
Source: Mehr News Agency




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