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UntitledS Korean GS welcomes cooperation with Iran in South Pars


A South Korean company has signed a deal to return to South Pars gas projects after it had cancelled a former agreement with NIOC. The head of Industrial Projects Management of Iran (IPMI), Hamidreza Jalali, told reporters on Tuesday that the deal had been signed with GS in management, operation, and financing of the projects; “if finalized, the deal will give GS legible to work in South Pars 14th phase; currently, the phase has a 65 per cent progress in construction, and GS will finance the sweetening project to operate the unit by March 2017 (end of Iranian fiscal year),” he added. GS had been active in Iran’s oil and gas sector since past decade, with company’s debut appearance in 9th-10th phases of South Pars. A deal had also been signed with the company in 2008 to operate the same South Pars phases. South Pars 14th phase is projected to produce a daily amount of 56.5 million cubic meters of sour gas and 75,000 barrels of gas condensates, along with 400 tons of sulfur, and a yearly production of more than 1 million tons of liquefied gas and 1 million tons of ethane as feed for petrochemical complexes.
Source: Mehr News Agency




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