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UntitledIran improves Nano ranking to 6th; exceeding Japan


Head of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC), Saeid Sarkar, while noting the presence of over 28,000 nanotechnology experts in Iran, said that the country’s scientific ranking has improved this year to 6th by exceeding Japan, which now places Iran after China, US, India, S Korea and Germany. He made the announcement during the festival of top nanotechnology media, adding, “Presently, at the end of the first 10-year plan, we are standing among the top five countries in manpower development. Iran has made considerable progress in the field of nanotechnology and has been successful in presenting a model for development and advancement.”






Sarkar went on saying, “The United States invests annually over $2 billion and Japan over $1.5 billion in nanotechnology, while the capital of the INIC is merely $20 million. This budget cannot even compare with the budget for nanotechnology development in other countries. Over 160 Nano companies are currently active in Iran and there are 320 Iranian Nano products available in the market.” He highlighted the role of post-sanction era in creating favorable conditions for the presence of Iranian Nano products in global markets, adding, “In the past month, we were able to export a Nano-fiber production machine to South Korea. Also, Iranian products are currently being exported to Australia and China.”
Source: Mehr News Agency




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